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 Historic Collections: NEW PROJECT UNDERWAY

Help support our work to protect Harness Racing’s past by contributing to the Carol Fleming Messenger Fund for the Restoration of Drivers’ Colors. Daughter of driver Charles M. Fleming, one of the three "Flying Flemings" (Harry, Charlie and Will) and granddaughter of The Immortal Vic Fleming, Carol initiated this important project. Although we have received some grant funding and will soon begin the work of repairing and restoring the most damaged “silks,” we need additional support for all jackets to receive attention.


In its efforts to preserve the past, the museum has collected over 11,000 paintings, prints, photographs, harness, trophies, silks, sulkies, books and videos that highlight the history of our sport. Great care is taken to insure their long-term stability.  Every item is examined, cataloged, described, numbered and stored or exhibited with its long term preservation in mind.  Why?  Because it is hard to imagine telling the story of this American sport without Hambletonian's wagon, Delvin Miller's colors, or Frank Ervin's trophies.

Our efforts to fund this important work are ongoing.  We are pleased to report the approval of a grant application for the restoration of Richard McMahon's colors from the Greater Hudson Heritage Network. For information on this grant please click here.