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“A DRIVE TO WIN” the heart and soul of harness racing


The official opening of a new exhibit took place in The Currier & Ives Gallery on Hall of Fame Day, Sunday, July 1. The presentation is dedicated to the drivers and trainers who make every race possible but through circumstance, choice, design or fate, do not rise to stardom.

You will not meet these memorable people in the Hall of Fame or find them in the Hall of the Immortals; however, their stories are important, to them, to their families and to those who follow the sport of harness racing.


In many instances they are poignant, always down to earth, and most assuredly worthy of our respect, affection and above all appreciation. Their message is clear: through adversity, the one shining element that connects all, is their love of and commitment to the great sport of harness racing.


This is a wonderful opportunity to discover the joys and the heartaches of the exciting, historic sport of harness racing. Journey with us and learn why these wonderful human beings had such A DRIVE TO WIN. 

Huge portraits, many provided by The United States Trotting Association and the sport’s weekly magazine Horseman And Fair World, introduce the subjects of the exhibit. Nominated by racing fans, they are Angus Allen, Richard Baker, Hugh Allison Bell, Edwin Bither, Harry Burright, Vernon Crank, Harold R. Dancer, Norman Dauplaise, Alfred “Bucky” Day, Bea Farber, George Forshey, Hilda Heydt, Maxie Lee, Joe Lighthill, Howard Parker, George Phalen, Jimmy and Robbie Rankin, Ervin Samples, Forrest Short, Phyllis Smith Page, Harold Snodgrass, Colby Turner, Sacher Werner, John “Tic” Wilcutts, Lew Williams, and Mildred Williams. Their poignant, gut-wrenching stories set against a backdrop of driving colors and other career mementos provide an illuminating glimpse into this Great American Pastime. 

The exhibit has been planned since 2004 and is made possible by the confidence of The New York State Council on the Arts, Doug and Ada Jean Ackerman, Luc Ouellette, Wally Hennessey, Bill Varney, and the friends of John Manzi and Tom Thomson, as well as the members of the museum.



Photography by Natasha Tomlins- Harness Racing Museum 
Family of Lew Williams

(Left to Right)
Nicole Kellerhouse, LaVonda Williams, Lewis Williams, Chelsea Kellerhouse
& Museum President, Elbridge T. Gerry, Jr. at opening of Drive to Win Exhibit
Hall of Fame Day 2007

Photography by Insite Photography, Reading, PA
Roger Huston & the Lew Williams' Family

Photography by Insite Photography, Reading, PA
Norman Dauplaise Family at the Drive to Win opening

Photography by Insite Photography, Reading, PA

John and Lois Dancer Simpson at the Drive to Win opening