The museum's historic collection includes more than 1,709 works of fine art; 6,000 pieces of ephemera (tickets, programs, scrapbooks,etc.); nearly 20,000 photographs; 400 jackets, caps and helmets;75 sulkies and carts, 74 items of harness; and over 1,000 trophies.

Guests of the museum enjoy an Opening Day exhibit, 1935

The Peter D. Haughton Library includes more than 2,000 books and bound periodicals and more than 2,000 videos on the sport of harness racing as well as general equine documentation. Library research hours are by appointment. It is the museum's policy to provide the first fifteen minutes of research without cost.  Additional research is available at $15 for the first hour and $20 for every additional hour.  Photocopies are available at 25 cents per copy ( black and white ) and $1 per color copy.  

Free research information is a benefit of museum membership. For additional membership benefits, click here.  

When submitting a research request, please be sure to include all known "clues" including: date, track, people, horse's name etc. Please also include a "snail" mail address.  Research inquiries can be emailed:  [email protected]

The personnel assigned to The Historic Collections Department and the Peter D. Haughton Library are guided by the Collections Policy and Collections Procedures Manual, which is reviewed and, if required, updated on a regular basis.

We constantly seek to add to our collections. If you are aware of anything of harness racing significance that should be placed with us for safekeeping, please contact us. We would be most happy to accept and care for such treasures in order that they can be preserved for the enjoyment and education of future generations.