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the abbe

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p,7,2:04; t,2:10 1/2
Approx. $20,000
Nettie King
Sire of Dam: 
Mambrino King

Foaled in 1903, the double-gaited The Abbe was bred by Immortal C. J. Hamlin and his brother Harry at the Village Farm in East Aurora, New York. The Abbe was a full brother to The Abbot, a leading trotter and race winner in the sport in 1899. He was sold with great expectations to S. H. Knox of Buffalo, New York at Hamlin's stock dispersal auction in February 1905.

The Abbe was trained and driven as a trotter by Immortal Ben White. He was unraced as a two-year-old, but in 1906, at the age of three, The Abbe became a world champion trotter taking his mark that year of 2:10 in the Stock Farm Futurity at Columbus, Ohio. After he battled with bouts of lameness in his four and five-year-old seasons, The Abbe was given time off to recuperate.

In 1909 The Abbe was placed with Immortal Edward F. "Pop" Geers, who returned The Abbe to racing by converting him into a pacer using only shoeing and rigging. Driven by Geers, the then seven-year-old The Abbe proved that he was as good a pacer as he had been a trotter by touring the Grand Circuit in 1910 and never losing a race while earning $17,650, the most by a pacer that year. In a $5,000 contest at Columbus he raced the last quarter of a third heat in 28 seconds, the first time one that fast had been recorded in a race by a harness horse. By 1911, however, the black stallion was retired from racing and placed into stud service.

His grandsire, Immortal Electioneer, his sire, Immortal Chimes, his dam, Nettie King, and his family had been trotting royalty, but his offspring were almost all pacers. While standing at stud in New York, Tennessee, and Georgia, The Abbe would re-channel a famous trotting line into the most dominant pacing line of the 20th century. In fact, of all the descendants of Immortal Hambletonian, The Abbe was the genetic point in the family where the pacing line began its rise to prominence. He was also an unusually beautiful horse, in striking contrast to the Standardbred of the early 20th century.

Nine out of the ten pacing Triple Crown winners can trace their male lineage back to The Abbe. He sired Bert Abbe, sire of Immortal Gene Abbe and grandsire of Immortal Big Towner. Another son of The Abbe, Immortal Abbedale, established the pacing line which includes: Hal Dale, Dale Frost, Adios, Good Time, Bret Hanover, Meadow Skipper, Most Happy Fella, Albatross, Abercrombie, Niatross, Cam Fella, Nihilator, Artsplace, Western Hanover, Western Dreamer, and Gallo Blue Chip to name a few. As impressive as his pacing progeny are, The Abbe is also the sire of Abbacy, the dam of Immortal Guy Abbey, the sire of one of the greatest trotters to ever live, Immortal Greyhound.

In 1926 The Abbe, then blind, was sold and stood at Black Walnut Rancho in Cygnet, Ohio. He died at the age of 26 near Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1929.