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john c. 'jack' curry

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Born in Saudersville, Kentucky, Jack Curry grew up around the bluegrass farms and moved to Nebraska in 1875. He later moved to Kansas and in 1879 began his career in the sulky. In 1880 his first "star," Nellie B., was driven to a record of 2:25 over a rough prairie track in Kansas. In 1892 Curry took a position with the Standard Trotting Horse Company of Kenosha, Wisconsin and became a sensational driver with Alix, winning all of her starts around the small circuits of the country. Alix's record that year was a world mark of 2:10. In 1893 Curry piloted the Jewett Farm horses, but later in the season returned to the Standard Co. In 1894 Curry opened a public stable and in mid-season a young pacing stallion named Joe Patchen was placed with him and the two became famous. He was probably the most "cussed and discussed" driver before the public, because of his methods of training and driving. Jack Curry died in Kansas City, Missouri on July 7, 1908.

Published in the Harness Racing Museum's 1994 book, The Immortals