Fundraising occurs in a variety of ways, and we are always looking for new and exciting ways to support the Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame.

2017 Harness Racing Museum’s Stallion Breedings as of February 21.

The Harness Racing Museum thanks all donors and bidders for a successful auction. If you have not already booked your mares the following breedings are still available and interested parties are urged to contact the Museum as soon as possible at 845-294-6330 or email Joanne Young at [email protected]. For additional information on the available breedings or to donate breedings please contact Joanne. All bids are confidential. Some breedings have minimum bids that must be honored and may require approval of mares.

Our current list of stallions:
Angus Hall
Break The Bank K
Bring On The Beach
Calchips Brute
Cash Hall
Flex The Muscle
Four Starz Robro
Great Vintage
Holiday Road
Lis Mara
Lucky Chucky
Mister Big
Nuclear Breeze
Powerful Toy
Spring Goal
Stormin Norman
Third Straight
Three Olives
Well Said
Western Vintage
We Will See
Yankee Glide

If you have a breeding, or know someone who won’t be using one in 2017, please consider donating to this important fundraising affair. Contact Joanne Young at 845-294-6330 or [email protected]. The amount of the payment received for stallion breedings may be considered as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes by the donor. We are happy to receive breedings throughout the spring and duplicate breedings are acceptable. Donated breedings help further the Museum’s Mission – to protect the past, support the present and promote the future of our great sport.