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Biography:"Mike" McDevitt, born in 1862 in Floss, Ontario, Canada, as a young man went to work in the steel mills of Captain Shaw of Pittsburgh....Read more
Biography:Born in 1862 near Malone, New York, Lon McDonald started as a groom for Orrin Partridge and in 1891 went to C. J. Hamlin's...Read more
Biography:Born in 1849 in Avon in western New York, Andrew McDowell was left an orphan and raised by a farmer in that area. "Andy" began...Read more
Biography:Joseph McGraw began his career in harness racing as a trainer and farm manager in Meadow Lands, Pennsylvania. He went on to become an...Read more
Biography:Myron McHenry was born in 1856 on a farm in Pink Prairie, Illinois. At the age of twenty-one he went to work as a groom for D. C....Read more
Biography:Born in Sheridan, Indiana, Francis McKinzie was regarded, throughout the harness racing industry, as the most knowledgeable horseman in...Read more
Biography:"Dick" McMahon was born in Fredonia, Kansas, about 1880. Around 1896, he started as a groom and learned the art of driving trotters with...Read more
Biography:Born in Madison County, Ohio in 1890, "Doc" MacMillen picked up his nickname early in life while working for a veterinarian....Read more
Biography:Leo McNamara was born in Indianapolis in 1894. As a young man he went into business and eventually became president of the James...Read more
Year of Induction:1967
Biography:Walter Michael once estimated that during his many years as a breeder and owner, he had raised more than 1,600 horses. Born in Cleveland...Read more