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Year of Induction:1971
Biography:Born in 1900 in Stevenson, Alabama, Sanders Russell drove his first race at age fifteen and was still training Standardbreds...Read more
Year of Induction:2011
Biography:Highly respected harness racing judge Walter Sanders Russell, Jr., a Ph.D. scholar and accomplished pianist, was born in Stevenson,...Read more
Year of Induction:1994
Biography:Edward Ryan was an owner, driver, trainer, breeder, track owner and philanthropist. He set many records as an amateur driver, including...Read more
Biography:William Rysdyk began as a young farmhand, working for Jonas Seeley, of Sugar Loaf, New York. In 1849, when forty years old, Rysdyk...Read more
Biography:A native of New Hampshire, Frank Safford was a trainer-driver who, in 1941, won 14 consecutive starts at Saratoga and led the country...Read more
Biography:Very little is known about Monroe Salisbury's early life except that he was thought to have been born circa 1837 in Evans,...Read more
Biography:Millard Sanders was born in Georgia in 1856 and as a young man became a trainer for W. J. Gordon of Cleveland. He made a champion of Guy...Read more
Biography:Al Saunders said he was "foaled in Cleveland but could only estimate exactly when." Towards the end of his life he guessed himself to be...Read more
Biography:Marion W. Savage had a good business as proprietor of the International Stock Food Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it got even...Read more
Biography:In the formative years of the Standardbred breed, George Francis Schreiber presented the trotting community with one of its most...Read more